These days, good makeup organizers are more than $30! Well, now you can make one for under $7!

What you need:

  • Cereal/snack boxes or cardboard 
  • Scissors or an x-acto knife     
  • Tape (preferably masking or duct tape)
  • Something to decorate it (I used paint)

To start off, I found three boxes, the cereal box (light blue in the diagram), and two cracker boxes (dark blue in the diagram). The two cracker boxes fit perfectly in the cereal box with little bit of space in the middle, like this:

I took off the face of cereal box, allowing me to make a drawer like holder. When cutting off the face, I left that small piece in the middle with an x-acto knife. I also cut off the top of the cracker boxes, so they could act as drawers.

You can leave it as this or you can get some small boxes and tape them together. I decided to find some small food coloring boxes, a vanilla box, etc. (some baking supplies come with these small boxes). Once everything was taped together, i decided to paint it black, because this matched the decor of my bathroom.. I then got some small pieces of cardboard and put them in between the boxes to create some dividers for lipstick.

You can really do whatever you’d like! There are so many options to use like colorful duct tape, wrapping paper, cool paint, etc. Have fun with it! I added some small buttons on the drawers to act as knobs and some wrapping paper in the bottom of the boxes as a decorative touch!

I hope you have fun making your DIY Makeup organizer! It’s super easy and super fun. Have at it!

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