Essential oils not only have a nice aroma, they also have numerous therapeutic qualities. Some of these qualities may just surprise you! The oils can be used for relaxation, cooking, cleaning, and more. Here’s a list of 13 unconventional ways you can use essential oils!


13 Ways to use essential oils

  • Cook with them– Essential oils can add delicious flavors to various meals.
  • Use them as method of relaxation– Applying essentials oils to pressure points or just anywhere can relieve stress (scents for stress: lavender, jasmine, ylang ylang, sandalwood, chamomile).
  • Cleaning– Lemon and tea tree oil can create a natural way to disinfect.
  • Bug killer– Mix orange and clove oil to kill pests without the harmful chemicals.
  • Shoe stench- Lemon and tea tree oil can eliminate the stench from your shoes.
  • Lip balm– Melt coconut oil, beeswax, and the scent of your choice, pour it into a container to cool. You now have delicious smelling lip balm.
  • Perfume– Put a few drops of one or two essential oils on your wrist for a beautiful scent.
  • Acne wash– Use tea tree oil and raw honey together for an acne fighting wash.
  • Sugar/Salt scrub– Mix coconut oil with sugar or salt and add some essential oils for a nice smelling body scrub.
  • Toner– Mix in a few drops of lavender, geranium, and frankincense into a bottle of water to create your own face toner.
  • Bug bites– Lavender oil can soothe bug bites and stings.
  • PMS– Apply sage, basil, rosemary oils to your abdomen with a damp warm towel.


Essential oils are often not used to their full potential because most people don’t know what else they can do. Hopefully these ideas have opened your mind to trying new things with your oils. If you don’t have your own oils, they are sold in countless places, both online and in stores. Just keep an eye out!

**Disclaimer: If you have allergies, try the oils on a small patch of skin before applying to a larger area. Some oils may cause allergic reactions if you are prone.**

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