The tiresome construction on the large vacant structure overlooking South Main  has concluded, leaving a rustic farm-house restaurant in its place. After hearing praise and positive feedback from my friends and neighbors, I was eager to taste the latest bite in Newtown.

On a drizzly afternoon, the red brick interior and soft smell of burgers grilling was most appealing. The warm hues and wide beams cultivated a sense of comfort, mimicking the expansive menu, featuring clam chowder and baked macaroni and cheese.

I was seated at a table situated right next to one of three lively fires; red embers dancing and humming softly, completing the cozy atmosphere. The dining area featured intricate woodwork and an array of roosters and was abuzz with clinking glasses and light laughter. While it is true that food holds the power to bring people together, in The Red Rooster a bit of nostalgia also enhances the experience.

Although tempted by the wide array of pizza pies and enticing entrees, I settled upon giving the artisanal gourmet burger a try. Boasting 100% Prime Black Angus Beef, with the optional gluten free roll, The Red Rooster achieved the classic American bite. The burger itself was well-seasoned,full of flavor, and topped with layers of melted cheddar cheese. While maintaining the traditional burger-and-fries-combination, The Red Rooster took a favorite up a notch.

With an inviting atmosphere and delicious comfort food, the Red Rooster gets our recommendation for a great night out in Newtown.


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