I’ll be the first to admit, when it comes to Netflix and television I am a huge binger, and when a show ends, it can feel horribly. When staring at a screen full of credits and “What to Watch Next” suggestions and I always end up thinking “what now?”. What should I watch, what should I do? I know I am not alone in this, so here is a list of shows that should hold you over for at least a little while, and that’ll make you watch more than the first five minutes, and maybe even top the last show you binged.

Top 30 Shows to Watch, Not in any Particular Order

Most are Available on Netflix

  1. Friends

The television series Friends is pretty much every person’s dream, a group of close-knit friends living together and across the hall from each other. Could be described as the ultimate 90’s show. Romance sparks and crazy schemes ensue, every character is lovable and you’ll never stop laughing.

    2)  Grey’s Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy is full of the McDreamy’s and the McSteamy’s, eye candy in every scene. It stars a group of medical residents, showing their journey to either failure or success. Heartbreak, drama and romance, you pretty much see it all. But beware, it is not for the squeamish.

   3)   Scandal

Scandal pulls at emotional strings you didn’t even know you had. The show revolves around a group of outcasts who work together to solve D.C’s messy murders, kidnappings, sometimes in illegal ways. A steamy affair heats things up and the greed for a leg up in the political race is a constant in the show, leading to many dramatic moments.

   4)  Gilmore Girls

The show features a relationship between a mother and daughter you didn’t even think was possible. Lorelai Gilmore, and her daughter Lorelai “Rory” Gilmore star in the show, and they are the mom and sister you always wished you could have. Both heartwarming and heartbreaking, this show is a classic that can always pick you up after a long day.

   5)  Shameless

Shameless is a tale of a family of siblings who have an alcoholic father popping in and out of their lives, as well as a bipolar mother who abandons the children every few years. It takes place in Southside Chicago, where arrests are made, drugs are taken, and the definition of street smarts was created. While it’s not a reality show, this show is perfect for anyone who is looking for something resembling real life.

   6)  Pretty Little Liars

A show almost everybody has heard of, should I really say more?

  7) The Office

The Office is my favorite show of all time. It’s a comedy that will never stop you from laughing, even sometimes crying, and it’s a show with the unique ability of having you feel like you are best friends with the characters. The show takes place in a paper company office in Scranton, Pennsylvania, and the boss, Michael Scott, is both a dream and a nightmare, and his employees become his family. The first two episodes are slow, but hang in there, it is definitely worth it.

 8) Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl combines the life you want and the people you hate, all in one package deal. The epic story of what happens when you’re a trust-fund kid living in the Upper East Side, and all of the drama that comes along with it. Characters Blair and Serena have the friendship you envy, the boys you wish were yours, and the money you couldn’t even imagine spending.

 9) The Vampire Diaries

What could be described as a Twilight-esque show with a gorgeous cast, The Vampire Diaries features a love triangle between main characters Elena, Damon, and Stefan, two of which are vampires. A lot of supernatural characters and ‘friends’ from the past complicate the characters lives in dramatically enticing ways, and it’s a great show to binge if you’re ever in the mood.

 10) 90210

Not to be mistaken for the original series, Beverly Hills: 90210, this re-make is the high-school stereotype you heard about since you were ten. Drugs, parties, and mayhem are part of the package with this show, as well as a lot of real life problems that help you better understand classmates and other teens struggling with mental health diseases and teen pregnancy. However, this show is also made up of trust fund kids with absentee parents, something that is not so realistic.

  11) Buffy the Vampire Slayer

“What?” you may wonder. While Buffy the Vampire Slayer may have aired before our time, it’s an oldie but a goodie. Slayer Buffy Sommers moves to town and becomes friends with a group of oddballs, lovingly becoming “the scoobies,” and a romance with a tall, dark, and handsome mystery man plus many monsters and a librarian you wish was yours. The show is a must watch for sure, and it set the stage for supernatural shows of today.

   12) The Secret Life of the American Teenager

This show was my first “rebellious” show, where I learned about teen pregnancy along with other important real life situations. However, it’s not all serious. The show has many comical times with main character Amy Juergens father George and his rocky relationship with wife Anne. Amy is torn between a relationship with baby-daddy Ricky, a mysterious ladies’ man, and newer, sweeter, more predictable boyfriend Ben. Her best friends Lauren and Madison’s lives are a mess, and little sister Ashley is always causing trouble. Overall, a good, easy watch that has moments good and bad.

    13)  One Tree Hill

This show stars your first major heartthrob, Lucas, and his anything but ordinary life. Peyton, his soulmate, Brooke, his on again off again girlfriend, Hailey, his best friend, and Nathan, his estranged brother, all intertwine in his life in the most dysfunctional ways. The show takes place in high school where they all meet as kids, and before you know it, they have kids of their own!

   14)  Stranger Things

When I first heard of this show, I figured it would be some Sci Fi series that only kids who play D and D understand. Oh, how I was wrong. Many of you may have jumped on the Stranger Things band wagon before I did, considering it came out earlier this summer. The main characters are a group of boys who are “geeks”, and whose friend disappears. They then meet a girl named Eleven, and the adventure continues from there. The characters and plot are also very enticing, and once you start you are guaranteed to binge watch and wait desperately like the rest of us for the next one to come out.

   15)  Parks and Recreation

Similar to The Office, this series also takes place in a work setting. It stars Leslie Knope, a very excited and passionate government official who works in the Parks and Rec department. She is dramatic, over the top, and may come off as sarcastic, because, let’s face it, who could possibly be that passionate about keeping the Parks clean? Well, it certainly is not an act. This is the development of her as a person and her coworkers, who are all quite the characters themselves, as they go through life working as government lackeys, and it’s guaranteed to make you laugh.

   15 Additional and Similar Titles You Should Definitely Check Out:


  • NCIS
  • How I Met Your Mother
  • American Horror Story
  • Riverdale
  • Blue Mountain State
  • Glee
  • Bones
  • Teen Wolf
  • Switched at Birth
  • The Fosters
  • Schitts Creek
  • Jane the Virgin
  • Scream Queens
  • Baby Daddy
  • Bob’s Burgers



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